Via Webhooks

Nunux Keeper has a Webhook feature. It is possible to notify an HTTP endpoint on events of a document.

An event may concern:

  • A creation
  • A deletion
  • Or a document modification

Event format

The configured HTTP endpoint will receive the following JSON object in POST:

  • action: type of event
  • issue: the issuer and the issue date
  • document: The document
    • id: its ID
    • title: its title
    • labels: the list of labels
    • origin: its original URL
    • date: its creation/modification date


  "action": "create_document",
  "issue": {
    "url": "",
    "date": "Sat Nov 17 2018 12:22:37 GMT+0100"
  "document": {
    "id": "5b190798cc6ab70020bae60a",
    "title": "Alchemist Laboratory - Artwork",
    "labels": ["58186d8bf85a70004195725a"],
    "origin": "",
    "date": "2018-11-11T22:02:05.820Z",

Create a Webhook

Go to the Webhook tab of the settings page to create a Webhook:

On this page, you must specify:

  • The URL of the Webhook (in POST)
  • A secret (optional). This secret will be used to sign the request and thus validate its origin.
  • The events concerned (Creation, modification and/or deletion)

You can then edit or delete this webhook.