With RSS aggregators

Nunux Keeper natively supports the following RSS aggregators:

With very few configurations, it is also possible to integrate:

Nunux Reader

For Nunux Reader, simply activate the archiving service on the profile screen:

For a self-hosted instance of Nunux Reader, it will be necessary to configure the API client ID and secret.


The Miniflux official documentation explains how to perform the integration.


To send Feedpushr articles to Nunux Keeper, you must obtain an API key and then use Feedpusr’s STDOUT output as follows:

$ feedpushr \
  | jq -c "select(.title) | {title:.title, content:.description, origin: .link}" \
  | while read next; do echo "$next" | http https://api:KEY@api.nunux.org/keeper/v2/documents; done

BTW, we remind you that the pages of public labels provides an RSS feed. It is therefore possible via Feedpushr to subscribe to this feed and automatically send public documents to many outputs such as: Twitter, Mastodon, etc.