What is content curation

February 13, 2017

It makes sense to start this product blog with a quick introduction of the concept behind this product. Nunux Keeper is introduced as a free content curation system. But what that means?


Curator in a museum

In a museum a curator (or a keeper) is the manager in charge of selecting the artworks and value their exhibits. Wikipedia provides us a far better definition.

In short it’s the action to select, edit and share content.

In the wonder world of Internet, this work is called content curation. It is no more related to art works but web content.

Internet produces billions of documents more or less relevant, more or less readable, more or less messed up with ads. Therefore, when you practice information watch, it can be difficult to read everything or organise yourself with all those informations. Content curation is a response to that problem. Manage your information watch. And Nunux Keeper is a tool to help you in that quest.

Nunux Keeper

I started this project in 2014 just after another project called Nunux Reader. A RSS feed aggregator born (like many other) just after the end of Google Reader. RSS takes a really big part into my daily technology watch. Still today. But, I quickly got to need to archive, organize, classify, retrieve and share the selected contents of this watch. At this time Pocket was launched and seemed to be perfect. And it was. But like many online products there are some drawbacks. Pocket don’t allow you to export your curation job. Pocket API is limited to retrieve only first lines of the document. It is obviously to protect Pocket. It’s seem to be fair for a cheap and powerful online service like Pocket but your are not free to dispose your data as you could expect. As usual you are the product and your data are precious not only for you but moreover for marketing. Most people don’t care about this kind of limitation, but not me. So I start this new project.

Yet another open source tool to do poorly the job that other product do with perfection \o/

Since 2014 Nunux Keeper have quietly evolve. And today comes the version 2.

Into the following articles I will try to present the product, explain technology choices, explains internals, and share ideas of improvement. I love to share my technology watch but I think it’s also time to share my nerdy work.