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Edit, cleanup, sum up documents thanks to the WYSIWYG editor.

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Classify and organize your document with colored tag and find precisely your documents thanks to a powerful full text search engine.


Share your documents with friends or the world and control the duration of the sharing.


Link other apps or services with your library. Create documents with the open and complete API, use a CLI like nerds, integrate other services thanks to NodeRed connector..."

Open Source

Nunux Keeper is an open source project an can be used freely.

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From the blog

Because this app is made with love it's seem logical to share how it has been built and what is planned for the next releases.

Nunux Keeper with Android

on October 3, 2017

Content curation is a day to day activity. Due to that, you may expect an availability on your day to day device: your smartphone. A good thing is that the Web App of Nunux Keeper try to be a Progressive Web App. Therefore you can appreciate a decent ergonomic on your smartphone. However the user experience is restricted to the browser capabilities. Even if the browser tend to be more and more integrated with the system (notifications, camera, etc), interactions between natives applications and web app are still limited.

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Self-hosting Nunux Keeper

on May 17, 2017

Before running any script, let’s have a quick overview of the software architecture. Many software are used to power the solution, and a first glance at the architecture may give you the feeling that the solution is a bit complex. You would be wrong. A great approach to describe an architecture is a good drawing. An efficient schema model is the C4 model introduced by Simon Brown. This model is inspired by the geographic mapping.

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Behind the portal

on February 28, 2017

From static page to static portal Any product should have at least a web page to describe briefly its purpose. Github or Gitlab help us with the README file of our repository. It is a convenient way to get quickly a public and referenced description of your product. At the beginning, I wrote this cool README file mainly focus on technical aspects of the product. Write a good README file is not so easy.

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What is content curation

on February 13, 2017

It makes sense to start this product blog with a quick introduction of the concept behind this product. Nunux Keeper is introduced as a free content curation system. But what that means? Definition In a museum a curator (or a keeper) is the manager in charge of selecting the artworks and value their exhibits. Wikipedia provides us a far better definition. In short it’s the action to select, edit and share content.

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Under the hood

Nunux Keeper is built upon solid rock technologies as: